My mother signed her house over to my sister with the arrangements of her selling her house and moving in to take care her. One year ago my mom signed her house over to my sister against my advice. Since that time my sister still owns her house in Waterloo which she has not sold she has moved her son in with my mom. He is only eight years old my mom gets him up to go to school helps him with his homework pretty much raises this child. My sister supposed to come on weekends but it's not like that.

What really pisses me off!!!! My mom pays the taxes on this house she pays the upkeep on this house she pays the insurance on this house. But she doesn't own the house. The whole reason my mom signed the house over was for my sister to sell her house and move in and take care of my mother. My sisters house is not even up for sale she has excuses why should she hasn't put it up. My mom is in her late 80s and she can not raise an eight-year-old child in her house.

Sometimes I think my sister wants my mom to pass away she doesn't even hire someone to do snow removal makes absolutely no arrangements again my mom will do all the upkeep in this house she makes excuses for my sister all the time

I guess in the big scheme of this whole thing bothers me the most is my sister did not think about protecting my mom in anyway . I guess what I mean if something would happen to my sister my mom legal you don't own a house she would have no place to stay.

Serious and don't know what to do with this situation . How do I stop my sister from draining all the money out of my mom? How do I protect my mom
Thank you Denise

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Denise, the best thing to do is to set up an appointment with an Elder Law attorney and let him/her explain the financial mess that your sister had created.... she is not going to listen to you, but she might listen to an attorney. Thus, the attorney can correct the situation to make it a win-win for your Mom.

I can understand your Mom wanting to "gift" the house to your sister so that your sister will then be her caregiver. Mom thought she was doing the right thing, not realizing the hazard later down the road if within the next 4 years she needs to live in continuing care... and what if Medicaid is called in to help pay for the continuing care... Medicaid won't help because they see the value of the house which Mom could have used for her own care.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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