She does have Alzheimer's but is still at home. How do we stop our mother from going to the casino. We put a limit on her bank card and to only use for emergency . She will take a cab not the bus that we told her and we also signed her up with access link . We don't want her to go alone she needs to be with someone. We offer to take her but she refuses.

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If she enjoys visiting the casino you've no right to stop her going. I understand. You've put a limit on how much she can play with, you've set up sensible transport arrangements, and for the time being at least that's about all you can do.

But, so, how much is the cab fare? As a proportion of the cash she's burning during these visits, I mean? It seems an odd thing to be getting hung up on.

If she has a favourite casino, you could have a word with them. The worst that can happen is that they laugh at you and hang up; but in these days of corporate social responsibility you may find that there is, somewhere in a manual, an actual policy on dealing with elderly customers who are not of sound mind. They don't need the reputational damage that can come with being seen to exploit vulnerable customers - such as the addicted, elderly and minors. I'd give it a go, anyway.
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Take away her bank cards. Why on earth are you letting her do this?
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Ah...Those d*mn casinos. They prey on elders and its legal. For old folks the casinos are bright lights, friendly attendants ( to help you spend your money) and a weird kind of socialization. I could go on and on.

I don't have an answer for other than to keep her the hell out of those places. They will let the old folks spend every last cent of there pensions and social security.

I'm glad you posted this question. People who live near these things need to be aware before granny drops half a mil.
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If she isn't supervised 24/7, how could you stop her? Perhaps it's time to consider assisted living?
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