My mom went on and fell in love with the lifestyle of this english man. She has never met him only emails and phone calls. Constantly there is a reason he can not visit and why he needs money. He knows he took all her retirement fund and now she is behind in mortgage payments and he wants her to sell the house and move in with him. He even got her to get passport for traveling. He is very smooth. Has a daughter that calls to try to sell he is the real deal meanwhile money is being transfered to south america because he is doing business there. She went to mental health for 3 days when he was not at the airport to meet her. After that we thought she finally saw the light but old habits die hard and she is back in the game of giving this guy every cent she has.

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This is incredibly sad. I think she will need continual counseling. Does she have a religious affiliation where the leader can help her understand? Someone outside of the family will likely have more sway with her.
Is there any way that you can block his emails from her account, and the number his "daughter" calls from?
Even though you likely won't be able to prosecute, I'd like to see this person's name on some kind of a scam list. Please contact your local law enforcement and ask them what you can do to get this person known.
Can you contact and see if they can ban him? He's probably doing this to others.
I can't call this anything but obscene, yet I'm sure you are limited in that you aren't likely to recover her money.
Good luck to you. Your mom needs your support. She likely feels foolish, but can't help herself. Denial is a powerful thing.
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aRE YOU ON HER ACCOUNT? iif so, make it a conditonal account whereby you both have to sign everything that goes out like a poa. If you don't sign the bank won't send
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