My brother suffered the widow-maker last month. His "wife" moved another man with whom she has 3 children with in three days after this. She tried to block myself and parents from contact with him. She is now trying to file Ssdi for him. She only visits once a week and just keeps telling him don't die. Can I get POA over him to make sure he is safe.

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Katie143, I'm unclear on the details too! Could you be more specific? It does sound like a terrible situation!
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Let me see if I understand this.

Your brother had a severe heart attack last month (I'm so sorry to hear this) but he survived and is in the hospital? Rehab?

His girlfriend/common law wife, who has three children with another man moved THAT man into the home that she previously shared with your brother. (Yes? How long had she and your brother been cohabiting? How old are the kids? Do she and brother have any children together?

She visits your brother once a week. You are upset because you believe that she blocked you and your parents from seeing him (How did you find this out?)

So, you'd like to be your brother's POA. Is your brother mentally competent? You brother can appoint anyone he likes to be his Power of Attorney.

Are you able to visit him in the hospital or rehab now and discuss this with him?

So, just so you understand where I'm coming from with being just a bit dubious about the "blocking" part; 10 years ago my husband had emergency surgery to correct an aortic aneurysm and leaking heart valve.  His mother had pneumonia and had been told by her doctor to stay at home, in bed and not exert herself.  When she heard that my husband had had surgery, she announced to all and sundry that she had to come and visit him (she was a very melodramatic person, and she had dementia to boot).

Exposing my husband to pneumonia right after this surgery could have caused his death.  I called up my brother in law and told him that his only job was to keep his mother from getting to DH's hospital room.

I guess you could say that I "blocked" her from seeing him.
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