She has no family to care for her. She is estranged from her siblings and her children. Her landlord got in touch with the youngest daughter to help. It is a burden on the daughter both financially and emotionally. She has not contacted any of her children in over 35 years. This woman has minimal funds and many medical issues. How can we get the state to intervene before she hurts herself or other tenants in the house.

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APS is typically part of the social services department in most counties.
Once a report has been made, they are required by law to pursue it and do an in-person visit. If they have to get the Sheriff to open the door, they will.

To the original poster, you need to say VULNERABLE ADULT IN CRISIS when you talk to adult protection. Make is super clear that YOU are NOT the caregiver, not related, not responsible so nobody gets confused. Don't list yourself as the contact. Don't give details about the family, as their business is theirs. The daughter might have a jolly good reason for not coming to the rescue.

Nobody has to pay for her care out of their own money. This is a common misconception. If she has low income, the social worker will need to get a Medicaid application filled out to fund a placement.

If I were you, I would get social services involved, a caseworker on the job, and let them take over.
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I have a similiar situation but the individual is our brother. We went the route with Adult Protective Services and they said they would fight and represent our brother in any attempt to take guardianship or conservership, which is needed to place him somewhere against his will. I would call the County social services department if APS does not work out for you. We are doing that for my brother. The county has a responsibility (I think) to handle these types of human health issues.
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Try calling Adult Protective Services, and go from there.
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