My stepmother has been admitted to hospital with pneumonia. They sold there home recently and has left her granddaughter in charge of the money. Stepmother told me that my father has no money left they have been marrierd for 40 years. Stepbrother told me he was not going to babysit my father and that it was going to cost me to hire someone to take care of my father. When we check on him he had not eaten all day My father stated he ate and the food was in the bathroom. I have called elderly affairs to investigate but how do I get power of attorney for my father and who is responible for paying the bill.

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I think we need more information to help you with your situation.
Why the Granddaughter was given the power over their money, and not on of their children? Is she financially responsible with money? Or was this only while she is in hospital? Does she live there with them
Do you or any of their children live nearby?
How close is this family? Do you generally help with their living situation?
Have they assignes POA and DPOA?
Is you father staying home alone, while Step Mother is in hospital?
Do they receive any outside help, ie: Aides, or Caregivers?
Are either of them on Hospice?
Are discussions in the works, for when something happens to one of them, or are they looking for Residential care facilities?
Are they planning on staying together?
Why ever would she say he doesn't have any money left? Didn't they just sell a home? Was the home in her name only?
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If your father can still understand the concept of assigning someone to act on his behalf for financial matters then he can make you his POA.

The money from the house sale and any other resources they have needs to be used for their care. Is the granddaughter your stepmother's POA? Have you discussed finances with her?
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