She has gotten angry and mean and is shutting us out from attempts to locate Dad and visit him. She manipulated him while he was suffering from dementia and used her POA to sell off some of his real estate (solely titled in his name) and I believe she is afraid we will upset her plans for her financial windfall. My brother is secondary POA. How do we compel her to tell us where Dad is living so that we can visit him. He is 83 and I fear does not have much time remaining. And how can my brother take over as POA since she is failing to meet her fiduciary responsibilities?

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My POA gave me to buy and sell property as the POA.
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Have an attorney write your stepmother a letter. The attorney will know what to say and how to say it. They will know if what she’s doing is against the law. Legal action is expensive and she probably doesn’t want to see her “profits” go up in smoke if she would have to pay fines.
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I wonder if the police could help find him. As far as you are concerned, he is a missing person. They might put the hard word on step mother.
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