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Thankyou for that. It was pretty helpful.
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From my reading, the symptoms you describe are more midstage.
Midstage can last for many years. The first few stages there is little noticeable change from the casual acquaintance and “No dementia” is the diagnosis.

According to the Reisberg or DSM scale, Stages 1-3 are considered “No dementia.” “Early dementia” is stage 4.

Stages 6 is considered Mid dementia and Stage 7 is Late Dementia.

Behavorial changes can Overlap from one stage to another. Consider the other symptoms to help you judge the stage.
To me a lot of this depends on the person and personality traits prior to dementia. In other words if a person was always a bit “over the top” then the loss of filters may not be as remarkable.
My aunt (93) with dementia recently asked a neighbor if he still has sex and if he has a wife. A few years ago she wanted a different neighbor arrested because she thought he made a lewd remark to her. She had dementia then too but we didn’t realize it at that time because she seemed competent in other areas. The behavior can change so slowly family may not be aware for years. She has no short term memory now. Back then she seemed “normal”.
If there is a sudden change, be sure to have your dad be tested for a UTI.
Often a UTI can cause dementia symptoms to increase. Strangely the usual symptoms of an infection can be absent.
So what I’m saying is if the change in your dad is sudden it could be a UTI or it could be he’s further along than you realize and it’s just now noticeable to you.
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