This person could give someone 30 euro instead 10 and it makes no difference to them. They are also wearing clothes unsuitable for the weather.

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Life span is very different depending on the person. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about ten years ago. However, she could not manage her money well for at least five years before that. Dressing inappropriately could be the dementia or she could just be cold. As we age our skin thins which is our primary protection from cold.

My mom, thinking back was probably becoming increasingly forgetful about twenty years ago but was still very functional. There are types of dementia that progress much faster. Mom is now on hospice, has a hard time speaking, is in a wheelchair, and cannot use table utensils.

Some days I think she cannot be long in this world. Others I think she is still doing quite well, considering she is 90. But then she could have a major stroke or heart attack any day, which very well could happen.

The truth is there is really no way to know. There are phases of dementia listed on the Alzheimer's Association website with time spans for different phases. But it is only a general guideline and actually different for everyone.
In fact, even the symptoms are very different within the stages. Someone may exhibit symptoms from different stages across the spectrum. The brain is slowly dying and the areas of the brain thAt are effected are very different.
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Thank you just have idea of life span
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The best explanation of the stages of Alzheimer's Disease I have seen is a three minute video. You can watch it here:

Keep in mind that Alzheimer's is only one of many forms of dementia. The video applies to Alzheimer's only.

What is the reason you want to know the stage?
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