78 year old stroke victim, 5 years ago.
Eats a balanced diet, exercises and swims.

A salt water whirlpool is actually a chlorine disinfected whirlpool. The salt is converted to chlorine thru special equipment. I bet her doctor would strongly advise against this for the reasons Gem mentions.
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If this is a pool used by others, the answer is NO.
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I don't think it's healthy or safe for her or the other swimmers for her to have an open wound in a public pool. Her infection could worsen, and/or others could be infected. Please make sure a wound care nurse gets a look at the issue and can recommend and apply treatment to the area. A wound care nurse can also make recommendations to avoid the pressure sore from worsening.
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Yes, taking a whirlpool bath in salt water or water that has medication in it can help heal a pressure ulcer. 

The major concern is whether this person is using a PUBLIC salt water pool as a therapeutic whirlpool to "clean out" the pressure ulcer and has not informed the pool staff that she is using the pool while she has an open wound which could cause other people using the pool to get an infection.

According to:

"When you have an open wound, it is not advisable to swim in any body of water. Germs could infect your wound and you may expose other swimmers to germs and exudate (fluid, blood, pus, etc.) coming from your wound...All swimmers share the water and the germs within. In a pool, water is recycled through a filtering system. While chlorine in swimming pools kills most germs that cause Recreational Waters Infections in less than an hour, certain types of germs may take hours or days to kill even in properly disinfected pools...most facilities have rules that prohibit swimming with open wounds. If you get into the water with an open wound, skin and exudate might pollute the water."

Since you mention "infection", is the pressure ulcer draining pus or other fluid?  If so, then the pressure ulcer is no longer a Stage 1, it is a stage 2 or worse. 

Has this woman been seen by a doctor for the pressure ulcer and what treatment did the doctor prescribe? 

Whenever Physical Therapy does whirlpool baths to treat pressure ulcers, the whirlpool tub MUST be emptied of water and disinfected.  A large public salt water pool cannot be emptied of water and the pool surface disinfected each time a person with a open wound or pressure ulcer uses it.  If the person is using a salt water pool at their home, then the pool needs to be emptied and disinfected before anyone else in the family or friends use the pool?

Does this person and you really want to cause other people who use the pool to get an infection from this person's pressure ulcer? 

This person needs to inform the staff at the salt water pool that she has a Stage 1 Pressure Ulcer and ask what the company's policy is.  Can someone with a pressure ulcer use the company's salt water pool while they have the ulcer or does the person need to refrain from using the pool until the pressure ulcer is resolved and healed completely?

This is a matter of public health safety and this person and you need to consider how the pressure sore can negatively affect the health of others who use the pool.
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NeedHelpWithMom Oct 26, 2019
Very informative. I used to enjoy hotel hot tubs. Now even in nice hotels I can’t get in one. All I think about are germs! I remember seeing a Dr. Oz show where he said hot tubs were loaded with nasty germs.

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