Staff stealing from mom. Any advice?

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Mom is in independent living. She wants to move into my home, so when she started complaining about missing items, I thought she was just complaining like she always does. I found out today through other residents that they too had missing items and some had caught the people on cameras. They've been fired supposedly, but now the housekeeping services that were included with her rent is none existent. I don't want to move her as it will give her a reason to suggest living in my home. We tried that before and it didn't work. All this with an increase in rent as well!

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How compos mentis do the other residents seem? It is very common for people to think things (even things they have never had) are being stolen.
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I would be wary of taking the word from people who may be confused or having delusions. Is there a way to speak with the director, get a copy of the report and status on the matter? I'd make sure it was legitimate and that it had been resolved. Moving seniors is a big deal, so, I'd confirm that there are no other options, before I made that commitment.
If staff members have been videoed stealing resident’s belongings, the police should have been notified. How do you know that they’ve been videoed?

People with mental issues, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia are very likely to accuse others of stealing from them. This is actually how I first became suspicious of my mom’s mental state. When she became a resident of the nursing home, she was notorious for losing things and throwing things away. Then, she would go into other’s rooms and take things. I handled it by not leaving things in her room that were heirlooms or otherwise valuable. If she asked about anything, I would bring it when I visited and then take it back home when I left.

Again, if you have proof staff is stealing, then the authorities need to be notified.
You need to speak to the people who are contracted to provide these services - speak to them yourself, find out how they plan to improve things. Have you done that?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
thank you. you guys gave me some things to think about that i hadn't before. i'm calling her apartment manager today to discuss the issue.

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