Gone every avenue report elder abuse, anoyn to! He had a stroke a couple of years ago running wild restoring an old car. He met a 53 yr old senorita' who has a special need adult daughter lives with her other daughter as well.Tells him she has no money but gets money from the state.. Starts off getting a washer from then on downhill. He mentions she begs him for cash I gave him fair warning what she was up to but heer stake are increasing..He lives alone she calls him constantly to find out how he is..Sets him up then goes to tell him how she is poor. She works as a para legal, The shrink tried to set him straight etctelling him she is a no better than a high priced call girl. He will be homeless because of this behavior. He is giving her thousands.we are not talking a small amount, here is what he did ..Just used his credit card to give her 5,000 then 1,,000 recently another 5,500 along with 1,000 for her birthday in December then xmas eve gave her 2,,000. I tried to get someone to set her straight... but come to find out he has to be out of his mind. he has hoarded for years so that is one issue. He won't have anything left she is robbing him of his retirement and he is a willing subject. I end up with the care of his medical..Right now he broke his foot he cries about pain from the stroke..I'm exhausted..oh yes he was hospitalized for suicide thoughts but he still plans it out. What ever can I do to stop this woman from preying on him she collects money in the privacy of his apt. Tre cop, private eye I spoke with thinks this is a joke and legally he is a willing subject. I need help to get her to quit her bad behavior. Any suggestion will be so appreciated...

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its called divorce.... unless his doctor tells you that he is unable to care for himself and that you have to do it or his lawyer does same, you dont have many options, even if he took money from the bank and burned it in the back yard, unless a doctor says he cant take care of himself he is free to be a total idiot or a loving husband
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