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My spouse has Alzheimer's, seems to be slipping almost by the day, For the past week he has had delusions of people in the house, He is on Aricept and Namenda. He was diagnosed 3 years also. He not only has the memory loss but also CPA or Benson's Syndrome where the back of the brain does not understand what the eyes are seeing, so we have the vision problems also. He cannot read and anything involving motor skills are challenging. It is almost impossible to take him shopping with me now. I have just arranged for Day Care 2 days a week, but can see where more would be most helpful. I am the sole caregiver. There is nothing he can do to keep him occupied, I have been getting audio books, but I have to turn off, changed, etc. He cannot turn on TV, or do anything alone. He is not wanting to listen to the books much anymore either.

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Jeanop, it can be challenging. My friend has a husband with Alzheimer's. He is convinced that she plans to run off and marry another man. His wife has no idea where he got this thought. He also thinks his daughter is coming in from the Pacific coast to take him home with her. This is not going to happen. It is a mystery how the mind comes up with these ideas. This week my friend had a phone call. I heard the voice in her cell phone and could tell it was a woman. The husband said it was the man she was going to run off and marry. I assured him that it was a woman calling. He is not violent about these things, but I know it has to irritate my friend. People with Alzheimer's can get stuck on some ideas, even as they forget other things.

I wish I could say that it gets better. It does change, but something else comes in that is a concern. Have you thought about what you are going to do as the disease progresses? The decision must be harder when it is a spouse and not a parent.
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