I've followed him around before and his driving is pretty dangerous. He hasn't wrecked YET but he can't stay in his lane, his reactions are incredibly delayed, and the blind spots on his truck are fairly large and he doesn't have the mobility to turn and check over his shoulder. Not only that but he drives to the bar and then drives himself home. It scares the hell out of me but my significant other doesn't have the heart to take away his freedom. Are there any ways we can get him out of the house (we both work full time) while we're gone? I've been thinking about Uber but that's expensive and he's too impatient and grouchy to deal with them. He can barely stand his transit to his daily doctors appointment.

My SO and I have had some pretty heated conversations about it but it's always his decision. I've told him he's going to get hurt when he gets in a wreck and he always comes back with we'll deal with it when it happens.

I've heard of people becoming uninsurable and I feel that that's going to be the only way to keep him and others safe. How does that happen?

Right now my SO's truck is in the shop so for now everyone is safe while he drives his grandfather's truck.

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Call the DMV. See if there is testing that can be done. Then its them that take his license away. Ask ur SO if he can bare the guilt if Dad kills someone because of his driving. Are you friendly with the bartender. Ask him to call the police if Dad leaves a little tipsy. Then he'll have a DUI and won't be able to drive.

My MIL lived in Fla. There laws are pretty good for seniors. They allow family members to ask for LO to be tested. See what your state laws for Seniors are.
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