Needs to be dressed and has to have help showering. Has COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis. Three surgeries on hip replacement. Mechanical Valve on Blood thinner. He has had several bladder infections and is on maintenance antibiotic which keeps it at bay. If he goes on Hospice will he have to give up the antibiotic and the blood thinner? He has lots of issues but his vitals have been good.

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If he qualifies for hospice care, they should keep him on his blood thinner. As far as the antibiotic, I'm not sure they would keep him on it 24/7, but would definitely prescribe it for him as needed. You would have to ask the hospice Dr or nurse practitioner those questions.

Now if you're thinking of putting him on hospice, because you think they will give you some much needed help at home, you will be disappointed. as hospice will only send a nurse out once a week(for about a half hour) , to check his vitals, and an aide to bathe him a couple time a week as well. So 99.9% of his care will still be yours. Best wishes.
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You can check with the Hospice doctor whether he can still be on antibiotic and blood thinner. I don't see why he shouldn't be.
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What is your question? Are you questioning whether to get him on hospice? With all these issues, comfort care should be the primary focus I'd think. If I had to make such a call, I think I'd go with comfort care because just dementia alone is incurable and diminishes quality of life dramatically as it progresses.

Wishing you the best of luck with a difficult situation
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