He uses oxygen and has spinal stinosis. Where and how would we find out if he might qualify for an increase in financial benefits? Thank you. -Cathy

If his disability has changed or increased, he could be re-evaluated.    But I think you might want to try another option:   Call his team leader and ask to speak with the Social Worker to see if she has any suggestions.   There might be some other benefits of which you're unaware.   

Who pays for the oxygen?    Did he have spinal stenosis when he was granted disability benefits?   Have you ever spoken with anyone about getting caregiver benefits (not financial, but other support)?
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Unless your income went down, I don’t believe the VA will increase your benefits unless your husband’s disability rating went up. But it doesn’t hurt to ask, just contact your local VA office or whoever you went through to get the $140 benefit he receives now. My dads VA benefits don’t go up because his income stays the same. You can also apply for assistance at the department of social services, you may or may not qualify for something.
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With that much as a yearly income, I can almost guarantee you won’t qualify for any aid or increase from anywhere. This is about what our income is and I have filled out dozens of applications for aid. I’ve been denied every time with the reason that we “make too much”. We make too much to qualify but not enough to pay our bills. We qualified for a whole $15.00 a month from food stamps and when my husband got a minuscule increase in Social Security, we lost that. This is why I had to go back to work at the age of 65.

I cut expenses every place I could. We cut the cable cord and while streaming isn’t perfect, it’s saving us $100 a month. I went with Consumer Cellular and now pay $57 a month for 2 lines. I shop at Aldi. I cook less food per meal. We don’t go out to eat. We don’t go on trips. There is little “impulse spending”. Look at your budget and see if this would work for you. Because, I can vouch for the fact that although everyone makes a big noise about how to help us Seniors, there isn’t much help out there unless you’re living under an overpass in a cardboard box with your dog on a rope leash.
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Never heard of anyone getting an increase in benefits. Call the VA.
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