My mom is been in a nursing home and is mentally unable to make decisions about her healthcare, treatments or much else for that matter. She is beyond the point of rational thinking and is not able to sign a POA of any kind. I have a bunch of siblings but none of them communicate with mom or me and they have not done so in nearly two years now. So is there anyway I can apply for legal guardianship without any of my siblings since none of them care one way or the other. Would this also speed up the case to be granted legal guardianship? She is going down hill fast now, she is always sick and Im afraid we are going to lose her and I don't know what I have to do to settle her debts and dispose of all her belongings and make sure all sibling get whatever she may have wanted them to have. The i have to worry about how to take care of her funeral and communicate with the SSA and whatnot. Right now i have no authority to take care of anything concerning her and her finances. I have been lucky so far that the nursing home has talked to me first about her treatments when she fell several times and her treatments when she came down with infections and pneumonia but thats all I am able to do.

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When you apply for guardianship, your siblings will most likely be informed of it and when the court date is. You will need a doctor or too to say that your mother is not competent to handle her own business. It does not sound like you really have a choice but to apply since you are the only one who cares.
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