Could anyone recommend best rehabs near The Villages, FL. for an 81 year old person with dementia who just had a hip surgery?
My mother had a hip surgery and we need to find a rehab that best suits her. At nights she likes to stay awake and move around. She used to be a very active person and a career woman. I'm afraid she will get up at night and take another fall that could be this time very critical. Although rehabs have beds with alarms if she gets up, I am worried that the help will get there too later since she can be very quick once she starts recovering and not realize her condition is still weak from dementia.

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Normally after surgery a Case Manager will visit the patient so that a 24 hour rehab center can be assigned for the physical therapy, and the patient lives there for a certain amount of time. Or the patient can ask for home physical therapy. At that time, such information should be given if a patient has special needs, such a dementia.
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Rehabs are not equipped to deal with dementia. But dementia centers can provide PT. Look in that direction.
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