My parents have been US permanent residents since the 1980's. They lived most of their professional careers abroad and then retired. They have since moved back to the US and as their son, I provide them room and board and take care of their basic living expenses. Their investment income that was supporting them through retirement has declined significantly for various reasons. Healthcare expenses are eating a significant chunk of their savings. Given that they spent a lot of time working and living abroad, would they qualify for Medicaid?

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I don't think there is a problem with their having LPR status since they have had it so long (past the five year bar). I have never seen anything disqualifying about their also having lived and worked abroad. The main issue will be their level of income and resources now. Just go ahead and help them apply for Medicaid and the Medicare Savings Program to cover Part B (and maybe Part A premiums). Check with Medicare for the Extra Help program for Part D (drug coverage) as well. If you are hesitant to do that, just look online on your state's website for public assistance benefits. The Medicare website should be able to tell you the income and resource levels for the MSP and Extra Help programs. Another alternative is to purchase health insurance in the private marketplace. Every state also has volunteer advisors for help navigating understanding health insurance. If you can't locate that volunteer program through your state insurance commissioner's office, call the local senior center or the county Area Agency on Aging. Every county has one of those. Good Luck.
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There is a 5 yr waiting period for green card holders. Since they set up residency and then left the country not sure if they have to wait. This is a question for medicaid. Call them and speak to a caseworker.
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Are your parents citizens of the United States? Citizenship and residency are 2 different things. I believe you must be a legal citizen of the US to qualify for Medicaid. There is also a 5 year look back that Medicaid performs on their financial status. If they own property in another country, I think Medicaid would count that as assets. There are also income restrictions. My mother was allowed only $1200. Her Social Security check all went to pay for her facility.

Because there are special circumstances, your best bet would be to consult an Elder Law Attorney who specializes in Medicaid. Each state has their own rules and regulations and an attorney would be familiar with the ones for your state.
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