We pay the rent, but the Lease is in my sons name because I was unemployed and could not sign the lease. I have documents showing rent paid monthly from my husbands account. He pays for his own food and the electricity. I do not want to include all his info on a Medicaid application. My son supervises my husband 3 days a week so I can work part time. Our only income is my part time salary and husbands social security.

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Thank you Igloo for the info. Yes, Only my husband needs a NH. And I do pay the rent directly to the Landlord by check including the deposit. The house we rent is actually for my husband and myself...but my son volunteered to move out of his apartment and live with us for a time to assist with my husbands care.
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Medicaid application is all about you & your hubby's income & assets. Your son's income is not a factor. I'm assuming that you are NOT going into the NH but only your hubby is……this is very important as you are considered the "community spouse" and the rules and $ situation is very different for a community spouse. You are allowed & expected NOT to impoverish yourself if he needs a NH. But you have to know the rules so that you do not spend-down $ you could have kept.
Community means "living in the community".

You pay the rent to who?
If you pay the rent to the landlord, then that is normal cost of living and not an issue for Medicaid. They do not need to know that you are basically underwriting your son's rent. No need to mention that either…understand?
BUT If you pay the rent to your son & then in turn he (your son) pays the rent, then that could be sticky because it looks like you gift your son $ every month. Medicaid caseworker could have ? about this (like you will need to clarify "gifting").

Google community spouse & Medicaid and read what you can so that you understand how to make sure you keep as much $ as possible and still get your hubby into a NH and on Medicaid. Good luck.
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