Without express momentary permission from our son After being estranged from his dad for eight years our son took guardianship of Dad (my ex/current common law husband). I've been providing much care/assistance while he's in LTC (actually a hospice disguising itself as elder assisted living home). After discovering many events of disgusting abuse, lies, and illegal things going on, I challenged the owner and he denied everything. (Romanian young family care home hospice pretending to be assisted living). That same day I had to take my husband to the ER as he was obviously sick (he was admitted for 3 days with severe chest pain & severe UTI). The owner tried to prevent me from taking my husband to ER. He called our son in Calif. (guardian of person & estate) declaring that I had did severe disruptive behavior, caused chaos, frightened/upset his residents (5) . Our OT witnessed and declares the allegations to be lies. Son forbade me to stay with hubby in hospital, forbade hospital staff to talk w/me, & forbade me to
visit my hubby anymore without son's express permission. Son has financially exploited me ($20K)
in the last 1-1/2 yr and is only guardian for the $-gain he gets. All I want to do is take care of hubby for the short time he has left. Our last words were "I Love You" (he to me and me to him). Our PT and OT both declare these events to be perpetuating my hubby's demise. That place is horrible and my hubby condition is rapidly deteriorating via intentional gross neglect. Owner was fired from another LTC facility for gross neglect/abuse. Hubby has dementia and I am the only person he recognizes in person and on the phone. The owner of the LTC home is abusing him (witnessed by myself and others). His only interest is $. Our son's only interest is MONEY which he has already obtained by being guardian of person and estate. This is sick like a soap opra and my hubby is SUFFERING badly with several major long-term health issues. I want to take care of him at home with a little part-time in-home assistance so that my hubby can live his remaining time in comfort and peace neither of which he is getting at the LTC home. He has been hospitalized three times in six months due to stupid gross neglect (UTI). The attending physician talked with me very clearly that my husband is in the end-stage of his life and needs loving care ... not neglect and abuse and malicious people sucking his blood for money. I am sick of all of this distress and obvious neglect and abuse. Everybody knows about it but NOBODY IS WILLING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ..... MY HUSBAND IS SUFFERING ABUSE AND I AM TOLD THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO BECAUSE MY SON IS GUARDIAN OF MY HUSBAND AND GUARDIAN OF MY HUSBAND'S ESTATE. IT FEELS LIKE "NAZI-ISM" ... what can I do. The people in control are only interested in MONEY ... NOT ... MY HUSBAND'S COMFORT AND DESPERATELY NEEDED HANDS-ON CARE.

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Curious why your Son had Guardianship of your ex and common law Husband... there has to be a back story here. Guardianships are not easy to do and are costly to obtain.
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