Here's the question, and I apologize in advance if I offend someone caring for someone with Alzheimer's...

Will or CAN someone with VaD (Vascular Dementia) eventually become (in the late stages) as... "bad"... I don't know another word for what I'm asking... as someone with Alzheimer's Disease?

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My father had vascular dementia and did not exhibit those symptoms. He slowly became less and less able to do things, lost his memory and so on. It was a general slow progression downwards. I think it depends on whether there are a series of small strokes, as he had, or several more serious events, and also where the strokes occur in the brain. He retained his very nice personality to the end, though he was bedridden the last 6 months or so. There are helpful web sites if you google helpguide/elder/vascular dementia or a similar string of words. My father recognised me to the end and we had a short but meaningful exchange not long he died. In the past when I left, he had always said see you later or a similar phrase. This time he said "Goodbye". He knew it was his time.
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Thanks pstegman but what about the brain? Should I expect mom to start drooling... to start talking to dead people.... soiling herself... not recognizing me anymore after know what I mean? Or is that just Alz?
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Personally, I think Alzheimer's is worse. There are similarities in forgetfulness, but Alzheimers seem to rage uncontrollably and wander aimlessly. Vascular dementia patients are weaker, most have heart conditions, but Alzheimers are still able-bodied and get into more trouble.
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