I don't know where to begin, we had the police go to check on my great aunt and someone answered the door and said they never heard of that person and that she (great aunt) didn't live there!!! we called (same number) and she said my anuts not there, we sent a certified letter asking our aunt to please call us we are concerned for her welfare they received the letter but no reply. I need someone to point me in the right direction on who to call also i am in florida she is in ny please please help. thank you in advance-

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I have some blunt advise, I do not mean it to be hurtful, just trying to cross out the reasons why "not" to look for her.

When is the last time a family member or friend spoke to her? You need a timeline.

There are a few things you can do this on the least in Florida you can, we have a very wide public records law.

Before you spend money on a PI, check the obituaries, the main town newspaper, this is often online.
Check the County Medical Examiner's office for a death certificate. Internet search and call them. Death certificates are considered public record and are listed. Getting a copy of the certificate does require a proof of relationship (I ordered one for my dad). If she has common name internet searches will be more difficult.

If you have a picture, maybe send her picture to homeless shelters and hospitals.

An investigator can dig deeper, or if you have the time, you can do some of this yourself. If the home was her's, check te County Property tax office. Did the house get foreclosed on? Could she have been evicted due to foreclosure?

These questions are more difficult, they may require a professional. If the house was rented, speak to the landlord.
Where is her social security check going? If direct deposit, what bank, what activity?

If you do not want to hire a PI, go to the Police and file a missing persons report. They will take you more seriously in person. If they do not take you seriously and noone in the family or neighbors knows where she is, go to the local TV station.....elderly person, mysteriously missing is news.

This is sad and scary. I feel for you and mostly I am afraid for her, if she is lost. Best of luck!
Please advise when she is found.
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I agree about the private detective. Find an honest one - with a good reputation. I tried to rack my brain on this. I Do Not Want to Alarm You, but have you tried calling the neighboring hospitals and morgues to see if they have an elderly Jane Doe? If you explain that you're a relative and have not heard from her and looking for her, they MIGHT release that info to you. Then if that comes out negative, you know to look elsewhere - like hiring a private detective. I'd also do a missing person's report with the police in her area. She IS missing. Document as much as you can on what you have covered/uncovered. At least with the detective, he can go and speak to the neighbors and find out when was the last time they saw her. If you can provide names of her friends, that would help, too. And her favorite places and grocery store she goes to. What a mess! Scary mess, too.
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Also, you should be able to check county property tax appraisal records - usually you can access and search these online for free since they are public records. You should be able to search by owner name and/or property address.
You might be able to find out where she is living, if she owns property, or you can find out who is living in the house where you thought she was, if the house has been sold to them, or if she is still the owner of record of that house. It's just a start. If all the suggestions on this thread yield no new information, you might consider a private detective, if you have the resources. Good Luck!
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If you're willing to spend a little money, do an online background check on your great aunt. You can do them for about $40. You'd have to know her full name and address that she had.

You could also contact the library in the town where she used to live and ask the reference librarian to see if they have a listing for her anywhere. Good luck and keep us posted! I love doing "sleuth" work and want to help in any way I can.
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I'd start with a Google search for your great aunt's name. Is it possible she's passed away? If you need help with the search send me her info and I'll see what I can find.
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