Name added in case of death. I'm a disabled woman. We had no idea adding my name to a deed of a newly purchased house would allow the state to put a lien of all money given since 1989.. It's a nightmare!

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Here's the problem: putting your name on the deed was a gift to you. Medicaid does not allow gifts to others. Putting your name on also means liens and mortgages can be called in. Go see an attorney NOW and undo what you did.
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Cynthia, is this a case where Medicaid has placed a lien on the house to be reimbursed for the care of a love one? If your name is on the Deed along with that of the loved one, chances are Medicaid can only collect 50% of the equity of the house once the loved one has passed.

One draw back to placing a grown child onto a house Deed is that when the time comes to sell the house, the basis cost goes all the way back to the date of purchase. Oh, the mortgage company doesn't care how many names are on the Deed just as long at the person who obtained the loan is still paying the monthly mortgage.

Now you mentioned you are disabled. Did you help are for this love one in the said house? If yes, contact Medicaid to let them know. They could be an exemption for that.

Please note that each State Medicaid office has their own rules, regulations, and programs.
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