I live with my parents and own a daycare at my home. For the most part my parents( both in their 70's) are still very independant, but when I'll or hurt... I put on my " parent care hat". For the last 5 weeks I am caring for my mom. She fell and hurt head and has rub muscle injury. She has been on a weight restriction of 5 lbs. She has been moody (anger, frustration, sadness) mostly directed towards me.

So I have been running my daycare, cleaning house, making meals, planning a Christmas party for my daycare, decorating the house.

My mom helped very limited, making her more withdraw. With her back pain comes rubbing her back with aspercream 3 times a day.

My dad supports me by mostly letting me handle things.

Yesterday was the kids party. She kinda enjoyed herself.

My mom became emotional last night when we put presents under the tree (she had not really been able to go shopping sense she fell)

I helped my mom with her gifts this morning. I received things I wanted (from my dad (he added mom's name to card) my vaccu, mine gave up right after Thanksgiving.

Today she tried to help with making lunch, but her back pain interfered. So I made lunch, my dad tried to help clean up. But I had it under control. So he sat and talked with mom.

Cleaning, baking, cooking it seams like any other day.

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What is it that made this christmas different from any other? If your mother would have normally been the one who "made" the holiday special then there comes a time in everyone's lives when the expected traditions give way to something different - it could be because the matriarch/patriarch becomes ill, dies or steps aside, or people marry, move, have kids etc.: that is just life. You don't tell us anything about yourself or extended family so you could be single or divorced, childless or missing your kids, you could be anywhere from your 30's to your 50's in age. What you have mentioned is that you are living with your parents and nursing your mother after an injury - I'm not sure I would put that in the same category as most of us here on AgingCare. Being kind to those we live with when they are ill or injured, be they parent child or spouse, is just part of living together and being a good, caring person. Caregiving that goes on and on with no hope of cure, in fact with the certainty of our loved ones getting progressively worse is a whole 'nother thing and something I hope you don't have to learn about first hand for many, many years.
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You must be in your 50's? Mom and dad sound independent. And you run a daycare out of their house? Is there a reason you do not have your own place?

For me it is a somewhat normal day, spent a few days away with my kids. Came back home today, with an illness, back to work tomorrow.
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Sounds like this might be the new "normal" At least until the pain subsides if it does.
As your parents age and decline then your roll of caring for them will increase if this is what is going to happen. They could if finances are there move into Assisted Living where others will help care for them.
As long as they are in relatively good health now it might be time to discuss what they want to be done as things happen.
POA for health and Finances.
How is the house titled? If something happens would the house have to be sold, if so where would you go?
Is the house set up so they can be mobile if either is in a wheelchair or is using a walker?
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