My Mom Came to the door and said can you drive me to my friends house the same lady who suggest my Mom go off her meds my Mom thinks she will go to hell if she takes her meds. I said no my Mom I don't think it's a good Idea since she has Parkinson and the dementia my Mom then said are you going to let me die, if I was your brother are you going to let me die or sister she kept going on I said no you need to take your medications I said to her husband do you realize how sick my mom is you wouldn't let me in the house yesterday because my Mom told you not too he responded I never did that but he did he just doesn't remember I said my Mom is off her medication he said what medication when did she do that I said I told you yesterday and the day before he said no you didn't my hands are tied and I am waiting for intake to come do an assessment but in the mean time my Mom is getting worse,I don't know if she is eating because when I phone and ask him did you guys have supper he said no? Then earlier my Mom ask me to drive her to her christian lady friend who said go ahead and try going off your medication if you want see what happens, my Mom's husband is not letting me in the house because my Mom tells him not too but I said she is sick and he says oh well sorry??
The intake nurse said let them be till they are asset but I am worried my Mom is not eating and she is off her meds and her husband is loose his memory big time! The only thing I can do is step back completely and let them take care of everything. I am worried sick and will I get into legal trouble because of elder neglect. And that's what will happen if anything happens and Mom ends up in the hospital with injury from a fall, I don't know what to I have contact everyone even the police they said they can't do nothing I even wrote letters to the doctors but they take their sweet time fed up! I need help now! Mom's situation is not good and I am afraid for her safety. Her wellbeing must come first!! Sorry for my spelling and grammar stressed out!

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