She has $10,000 in the bank. We have already prepaid her funeral, there really is nothing else to purchase. Could we private pay until that runs out, then will Medicaid kick in?

Thank you!!
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Does she have insurance policies she has cash value? Any CDs, IRAs, shares, bonds etc. All these would need to be cashed in. 10k would pay for 1 month in LTC. My Mom had about 20k. I started the Medicaid process. They gave me 90days to supply all the info they needed and find a facility. Mom paid 2 months private pay and Medicaid took over the third month. Make an appt with Medicaid to find out ur options.
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It's good that you prepaid final expenses. In my state, ALF only take people who can walk down to the dining room, & are able to use toilet by themselves. It sounds like your LO may need nursing home care instead, & they usually cost $15,000 /month. You need lots of bank statements & stuff to apply for medicaid here, (5 years worth). That's all I know friend
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