I keep thinking of Dad's suffering. Can anyone help me, I took care dad until he passed on from cancer.. I have so many good memories but I have the ones that I keep seeing over and over, ex. When he hallucinated, the fear in his eyes, the pain he went thru, the tears, him laying his head on my shoulder saying he tired. ( tears)

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Thank you so much, he has been gone a lil over a month, and I am so lost, got to figure wat to do I feel like I'm going in circles
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I understand completely!! My daddy passed 20 months ago from Kidney cancer. I took care of him his last 6 months here on this earth. Like you I witnessed the fear the pain and his shame of becoming incontinent. However, I also FELT his love and gratitude when I lay in bed with him at night and talked... listened and was just there for him. To this day I still worry that I didn't do enough, but slowly I realize that I did. You will find the same happening with you.

You dad is no longer suffering. You went above and beyond to help ease his suffering on earth. Now it's time for you to tuck daddy close inside your heart and understand just what a gift you were to him. Smile :)
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