My mom is in a nursing home (about 120). I am thinking about moving her to an adult family home (4-6). Does anyone have experience in which is better? More warmer and caring? My mom is 98, still has a fair mental state. I live in California and she is in Washington State. My sister who lived near her and could visit her regularly died unexpectedly. Before she died, she made me aware of some concerns about the care my mother is receiving, a lot to do with the lack of attention as well as theft of clothing and bruising. The facility she is in has some deficiencies on the web site that are cited as "actual harm". I would like for my mother to have more interaction as she does like to talk to people. In the nursing home, once she is dressed and helped into her wheel chair, she has no or very little interaction. It feels almost like a "warehouse" approach. I would appreciate any feed back from any that have had a comparison experience or any that have have adult family home experience.

Washington State has more to offer for nursing care needs. I have to live in the desert (110 degrees today) because I have chronic and acute attacks of asthma and cannot live in Washington. She has lived in Washington since 1972. She is very sociable and has a good attitude. I think she would do well in a smaller community, but I need to know about the skilled care in a smaller community such as an adult family home. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Your mom may be a candidate for one of these group homes if they can handle her health care needs. It sounds to me that she is in a substandard nursing home, so I'd consider moving her either to a home like the one you are considering or to another nursing home.
You can check with the long-term care ombudsman in Washington by going to Type in the Zip code where your mother is. You'll find contact information. They are very good about helping with transitions, whether that is moving her to a group home or to another nursing home.
Good luck. Long distance caregiving is tough, and you have many challenges of your own. Take care of yourself, too.
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