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In the N/H where I briefly went for rehab I was in a shared room and there was room for two beds and a recliner beside each bed. There was room to push a wheelchair past the foot of each bed. The shared bathroom was just a toilet and hand basin. I was taken to a communal shower but did not stay long enough to see the bubble bath I was promised the following week.
There was a line of closets at the end of the room but no chance of a resident bringing in their own furniture.
To be fair I never saw any of the rooms occupied by full time residents. This place had the reputation of being the best in the area and was where I picked up an infection in my newly replaced hip joint requiring another surgery and six weeks of IV antibiotics.
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Are you asking because you need to plan where to put furniture? Or because you suspect a facility is falling short?

This is from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School, showing statutory Nursing Home care requirements which must be met by +/- 10% by any state seeking eligibility for federal grants, as far as I can make out.

(numbers shown represent square footage)
II. Bed units:
One 150
Two 245
Large two-bed per unit 305
Four 460

Bathing and Toilet Facilities:
(A) Private or shared facilities:
Wheelchair facilities 25 (per fixture)
Standard facilities 15 (per fixture)
(B) Full bathroom 75
(C) Congregate bathing facilities:
First tub/shower 80
Each additional fixture 25

The page is fascinating, actually. They seem to have thought of everything.
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Shyamk, that can vary from facility to facility. Many nursing home facilities have two patients per room thus the space where my Mom resided felt like it was 9'x12' for each patient, plus a large en-suite bathroom.

Now, in an Assisted Living, the patient usually has a private room, and where my Dad lived it felt like 12'x12', with an en-suite small bathroom, and a small kitchenette area.

Check the nursing home and Assisted Living websites, as usually they will show a floor plan of the different rooms.
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