Any sites available that rate states in senior services i.e. Dementia care?

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I'm not aware of one, though others may be.

Medicare has a nursing home compare ( That site can give you a start.

One thing to remember about these overviews is that each state has slightly different standards. A nursing home that may get a 4 rating in one state may only get a 2 in another.

In my opinion sites that compare care are very useful as a tool, but we need to know something about the standards of the state - even the city restaurant health ratings, etc.

I'd suggest using this tool and any others, but then be sure to visit the facilities personally. Observe how the staff treat one another and how they interact with residents. What is the mood - the vibe - of the place?

If you find a facility that you like and their rating isn't as high as you'd like, ask why.
Maybe they had a pipe leak the day of the inspection. Maybe several staff members were sick and they just could not get as many people in as should be there. Maybe the place really is no good! Ask and see if they cover up or if they are upfront about the issue.

One other note - don't let a beautiful facility fool you into thinking they give terrific care. Great facilities are wonderful, but it's the staff members who really matter. Are they happy in their job? Do they love elders?

Sorry to get carried away but I am very passionate about these issues. There are so many wonderful facilities and many, many bad ones. Most, are likely in the middle. It takes some digging to find out the real truth.

Good luck in your search. If you find a dementia care only rating site, we'd appreciate knowing about it.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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