Sister has POA in Louisiana, son is trying to move her to Texas. The elderly sister's health is declining at times, early stages of dementia. She was living with the son in Texas. He moved her into a living facility that did not provide meals on weekends even though she could not cook for herself (had trouble seeing). Her son would visit her once a week only to put her medication in a daily pill organizer. He would not clean her, feed her or clean up her apt. Her sister and brother moved her to Louisiana, placed her in a living facility there where the sister visits daily, meals are prepared on a daily basis, she is feed 3 times a day, meds are given and she is kept clean all the time. The son is accusing the sister and brother of stealing his mom's money. The mom has only retirement, is always short on her monthly payments (where the sister has to sometime put her own money in to make the rent). The sister's daughter (niece of the elderly sister) took on a part-time job to pay the difference in her aunt's rent. Now the son is trying to get guardianship. He is always posting negative things and pictures of the sister and brother on face book. The mother does not want to move to Texas, she wants to visit her son and grandkids but does not want to move to Texas. He has attempted to revoke the sister's POA by getting her to sign a new POA giving him power without her even knowing what she was signing. The sister keeps all receipts of everything that is bought and paid for her sister. This is a very messy situation with the son. He did not give his mother the appropriate care when she was living in Texas.

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A son can get guardianship and that would revoke any POA. But he'd have to prove in court that that would be the best solution for his mother. It doesn't sound to me like he could do that.
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