Several years ago my sister moved in with our mom. She had a young daughter, not job and her boyfriend was going to jail. In the course of the years my mom had health issues and my sister was there to take care of her. My sister is co-dependent and has only had a job a few years of her 48 years. As time went on mom was getting older fast and was diagnosed with dementia. I was appointed her POA she lives in CA but I live in GA. Since my sister needed a place to stay and seemed to be taking care of mom it was ok. But then we found she was getting money from our trust account. So, I gained full custody of that bank account. But now I just found out she has been writing checks from my moms savings which is in another bank. It is completely drained and we are talking at least 300k is gone. I froze that account so nothing can be withdrawn in person or with checks. I want an investigation started but do not know where to start. Should I obtain a lawyer or contact the authorities? I know my mom did not authorize these checks or even know what was happening. Had anybody had to go through something like this?

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