My mother has had several falls and recently fell and broke her wrist, so her Ortho ordered physican therapy for her gait to help her gain some stability. My StepDad has antisocial disorder and doesn't want a stranger in the house or anyone for that matter. My sister caves in too easily to their paranoia and doesn't want to further upset her dad, so thinks she can do the Physical Therapy training on her own even though she is undergoing her own health problems. My sister is currently on antiseizure medications, and suffers from an un-diagnosed condition which literally causes her to become completely exhausted and loose muscle control in her legs.

I really feel for my mothers sake, and for her safety she should have a trained and qualified person performing the Therapy to ensure she improves in her walking and hopefully prevents future falls.

Help! How can i get her to understand this?

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Babalou, excellent advice!
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I also want you to look at the bigger, more long term picture here. Your mom has a progressive disease. Who is her primary caregiver? Who has PoA? How long will she be safe in an environment controlled by a mentally il person?

My aunt fell and broke her hip. My uncle, mentally ill AND with undiagnosed dementia, carted her around the house on a throw rug for three days. Fortunately one of their kids stopped by. He tried to prevent the EMTs from taking her to the hospital. After surgery and three months of rehab, she voluntarily returned to this circus. Not surprisingly, she predeceased my uncle.

Start thinking about how to get your mom's needs taken care of.
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Some orthopedic doctors offer PT in their own offices. Outpatient PT at a therapy facility also would provide a good alternative.

Someone who's not trained as a therapist is not qualified to provide PT and could do more harm than good.

Perhaps you could talk to your ortho doctor (or one of his/her PAs, and if there aren't any therapists on staff, she/he could recommend one who does have them. Sometimes the hospital with which they're affiliated also has a therapy unit. Your mother could go on an outpatient basis and still get the benefit of a range of exercises, more so than could be given at home.

The hospital we prefer is affiliated with a high level rehab institute which provides everything from basic therapy to stroke therapy. They're top notch, and some of their larger facilities have the best array of equipment I've seen.

But sister providing the "therapy" is too dangerous.
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I agree with Pam, see if your Mom can be an inpatient at a rehab..... because having someone do physical therapy who isn't trained, such as your sister, could do more harm than good. I realize she had good intentions.

What about the future, since your Step-Dad and now your sister don't want any strangers in the house, that is going to cause a world of problems. For your own sanity, don't cave into their demands that only you [and/or your sister] be their only caregivers. Start setting boundaries now.
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I will call and speak with the MD, thanks for the suggestion.
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Did you tell the MD about Dad's paranoia? Is it possible to get mom to inpatient rehab for PT?
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