Can she empty and sell mums house we are both executors? My mother is registered deaf and blind last October she had another stroke which took her speech her mind is still very active although her speech is very poor. She does not need the money to pay for her care at the moment but my sister has started emptying the house and intends to put the house on the market we have a brother in the USA and I think he agrees with my sister. My sister and I are both executors of the will, which says that the contents are to be shared out between my sister and myself. The house and any money is to be decided between the three of us. When I have spoken to mum she gets very upset about selling the house. Can my sister just empty the house like she is doing and can she sell the house even though she knows it is hurting mum

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Here in the US, being executor and the terms of the will have NO bearing on what happens while the person who wrote the will is still alive (and in need of care). Assets must be used for your mom's care and your sister and brother appear to understand this.

If there are items of sentimental value that you would like to have, talk with your sister. Keep things that will give mom's new living quarters a sense of home. Don't agitate your mom with diagreements. You all need to pull in the same direction now.
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