Mom didn't know.

Behind everyone back younger sister had parents sign over POA to her. Dad had been declared incompetent but still signed and mom thought she was signing for something else. Sister used Hospice agents and APS to facilitate her wishes and has now transferred title to the house and all accounts into her name. I'm about to be evicted after 10 years as caretaker of the home and care provider of parents along with younger sister.

Father was in decline and under Hospice care and on heavy doses of morphine at the insistence of my sister. He passed on Christmas day.

I'm concerned for mom as she has become more angry every day finding new faults in everyone and bringing up old issues like they happened yesterday. I know my sister is feeding her a lot of stuff that is creating a lot of anxiety and insecurity for mom. Mom has been isolated from several siblings who have been ordered not to "upset" her. Myself included. Same it was with dad who didn't see his kids much in the final days.

What to do about this power of attorney turned god complex?

In Tennessee, there are laws restricting a POA from transferring property to themselves or below market value to anyone else. APS should be on your side with this.

I suggest seeing an Elder Law attorney ASAP. Please do not voluntarily leave your home - require your sister to formally evict you and be prepare to show documentation (like Dad's hospice records, your length of time living in the house and providing care) of your issues with the judge.
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You need an ELDER LAW ATTORNEY. Also a call to adult protective services might help.
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You need a Elderly lawyer and tell him/her what you have stated here. It sounds like sister might have committed fraud. If dad and mom was incompetent when signing POA. See if you can get a free consult.
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