In April of last year Mom started losing weight. Doctor ran test with findings. Mom weight went from 115 to 88 this January. I live in another state, but decided to move in with Mom to care for her. It is now April and she has gained 20 pounds, has better moods and is now calmer. Mentally Mom has confusions. Now my sister wants Mom to move into her home and sell moms home. Mom is very upset about moving. I am able to stay with mom forever.

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POA does NOT give someone the authority to override the principals wants and decisions. Not if that principal has NOT been declared legally incompetent in a court of law. One needs guardianship to do that.

Occasionally, someone will unwisely put in their POA document that the person may assume authority with one or two letters from a doctor stating the principal has dementia. Which effectively skirts the time and expense it takes to be awarded guardianship. This is easy enough to challenge- with additional exams and letters from other doctors but unfortunately, often that then leads to a courtroom battle with guardianship being the potential outcome.

If you mother is still competent mentally she can go to an attorney and draw up a new POA - better yet, a DPOA - giving you the authority. If this is possible, it would be wise to have the attorney notify your sister in writing that she has been removed.

I'm frequently frustrated when I read posts where people say they or someone else "has POA over my mother". Perhaps it's just a poor choice of wording - but more likely someone in the situation is intentionally or unintentionally misusing their POA authority.
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