She needs assistance with everyday chores that are very challenging for her. She is supposed to wear elastic stockings but can't get them on and off. She can't reach a lot of things in her cupboards. She can't change high light bulbs. She has had a broken hip that didn't heal properly, a mild heart attack, rotatory cuff problems, knee surgery that didn't go well. She had intestinal surgery. She has had a tough time. She has no family living close to help her. How can she get help occasionally with things she can't do at home?

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Some senior centers provide names of people who will do chore services for seniors, at low cost presumably. A handyperson might be able to do some of the chores such as changing light bulbs.

In my area there's an dual county organization that arranges for chore assistance, but the agency requires information on personal finances, then coordinates the work directly.

A better choice might be Habitat for Humanity or one of the charities that provides home services, if she's not able to hire tradespeople directly.

Or you can call to various home care services to see if they'll handle these chores.

It sounds as though the primary need is household chores, other than getting the compression socks on and off. Does she need physical help for medical issues as well?
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