She claims we were stealing from him. Why? Because we took him to the bank because he wanted a couple bucks in his wallet. After doing this once with him, she closed out his account and his investments. So my father could not get any money. My sister is POA/guardianship. She put him into a home while I was at work. I did not want him there and neither did he want to go. Now she won’t let me visit him. Oh I’d knock her into next week if given a chance. She is just thinking she’s something else right now. Loving this new power. I’m beside myself with anger and have lost a sibley for life!!!

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Which is she, POA or Guardian? They are very different. 

If she was appointed guardian, there has been a whole through the court process and awarding determination of her to be named guardian by a judge. As such, she has serious court appointed power over pretty well everything dad. She determined care in a facility was best and without interfering siblings. Court requires guardian to do reporting and hearings. If you have issues with what she is doing, then you hire and pay for your own atty to challenge the existing guardianship order.

If she’s POA, then again you hire and pay for an atty to file for a guardianship of dad. Unless dad is competent and cognitive to do a new dpoa drawn up legally by an atty with independent witnesses and notarized. If dads dementia is pretty later stages, he’s not going to be able to do this.

Whichever path is taken, please realize that guardianship is an involved legal process. Watch what you wish for........ Judge can get background pulled on anyone involved in this. If you, your husband, or even Sissy, have any past legal issues, bad credit report (as could show inability to do fiduciary duty), no stable job or home history, judge could opt to have neither you OR Sissy be named guardian but instead have dad be named a “ward of the state” with a court appointed guardian from a list the judge has of vetted & approved guardians. Family gets removed from the decision making for dad. Based on what others have posted, expect to pay 5k - 10k for legal costs to file for guardianship & costs exist whether or not you are awarded. 
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Carney, I can understand your frustrations. I see from your profile that your Dad has alzheimer's/dementia and there does come a time where it takes a village to take care of Dad. So I can't blame your sister for taking this next step. Remember she is your Dad's Power of Attorney/Guardianship, thus she is allowed to make decisions in your Dad's best interest. And from those of us who have been in your sister's shoes, she did make the right choice.

As for your sister not allowing you to visit your Dad, there must be a back story that we don't know about. Or either your sister has gotten to a point where she is just too exhausted to bother with such matters. Caring for an elder can be physically and mentally draining, even if the parent is now living in a senior facility. Please note, this is NOT "new power" or "thinking she's something else", it is sanity and trying to get one's life back to something more normal.

The fact you wrote "Oh I'd knock her into next week" speaks volumes regarding how there is no interest in working as a team for your Dad's best interest.
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