she had been living with us for almost 2 years,and was happy and healthy. My sister in law "nananapped "her, and is now living in her moms home for free, and has taken over 24k in cash from her safe. The worst part is, that she preyed my mother in laws paranoia that is part and parcel of this disease. My mother in law is now in the hospital with phenommia (I know I am spelling that wrong), AND cancer. My husband went to go see her and was told by the nurses that she didnt want to see her! We havent been allowed to see her in 2 months, and now anyone who is "allowed" to see her in the hospital, is "supervised" by her daughter.No one has been allowed to see or speak to her alone since her daughter removed her(2 months ago), she has missed several doctors appointments, and now this. My two younger children (8,13) have not seen her either, and needless to say this is upsetting them greatly.
My sister in law, has POA, but ONLY if her mother is declared incompetant, which she hasnt been. My mother in law was vexed, when she found that anyone had her POA and wanted it back, but her daughter would not do that.Dont we have any rights? I was her primary care giver, and none of her doctors had even met her daughter till she was hospitailized. Is there anything at all we can do.?

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Two things, file a elder abuse claim. and start gardianship. I'm having the same issue only my cousin nannanapped my mther and no one has been allowed to seee or speak to her in 4 months. She was supposed to stay with my cousin and be "properly cared for" now 4 months later mom is in a nursing home and my cousin is selling her house, belongings and threw out all my pictures and art work she told my mom the samething, that I stole from her! When I and one other relative have been the only ones caring for her for 7 years. I still can not get any tthing done as the doctors would not declare my mom incompitant either. Now I can not get to talk to her! Don't let this happen to you, file for elder abuse and get the state involved.
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