She never has her. I take care of her cause she's cruel, mentally abusive. Stolen her 400,000 inheritance. Now she's in bad health and lives 3 hrs away. My mom is petrified of her. How can I stop her from her guardianship? She only had it for 1yr. 2016. And mom wants her to never come back. Please help!!!

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Teresa08, may I ask where you are getting your information? By chance, are these things your Mother is telling you?

If yes, tend please realize that when a person has dementia, it is not unusual for that person to make up stories. The person isn't doing it on purpose, it's because their brain in broken, and they feel they get more attention telling these mis-guided stories.
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If your sister “only had it for one year”, 2016: then who has it now? Can you prove that your mother was “doped” or is this just making accusations because you’re angry? You will also have to prove that she “stole” Mom’s money and it wasn’t spent for Mom’s care.

There really is nothing you can do but hire an attorney and get legal advice. But, attorneys deal in hard facts, with written documentation that prove the truth of accusations. They don’t do family counseling or moderate wars between siblings.
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Get a doctor to certify that she is fit to make her own decisions, then get her a lawyer to revoke the previous POA and write up a new one.
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Some questions here.

Where were you when you were noticed of guardianship? Because you would have been. How do you know she was doped? Can you prove it? What is the relationship between you and your sister.

Lets start with the first question though.
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