they said she has a condition now where she doesn't can't sollow. She has 6 to a year to live , had her own apartment dog very very independent now she has to be in skilled nursing care then haspice, don't know how to tell her she has no apt,any more we moved all her things and have her dog , it's upsetting very much to me trying to get gardenship, over her , she gets work men's comp, and social security will they keep it All..I need to care for her dog and cat I have no money to do this HELP...SONDRA.

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I have her pets but my husband does not like walking it or cleaning up after her I am in a wheelchair I can't the dog go's on pee pads ..sometimes, her workmen cop, should be hers to keep she worked all her life she needs money for hair cuts nails ect...and her pets go to grommers.3 times a year , shots ect..going crazy with all this I am ting to get garadenship.seeing her primary, doctor soon she'll be Thai by abulence.
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I'm surprised she is still receiving Workman's Comp at her age. Anyway, it's not that simple when it comes to Medicaid and Workman's Comp. Here's a link for some considerations. You might check with an Attorney to get their take on it. Or you might allow the Medicaid processing person figure it out. I would suspect that there will not be extra money for the care for her pets.

Is she still competent to sign a Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney? If so, you might be able to avoid the guardianship route. If she wants you to act on her behalf, that would likely help. Is she mentally alert? If not, you might speak with the facility's social worker and see if you need it at this point. Does she have a Living Will or has she told them her wishes for prolonging life?

I think I might focus on keeping her comfortable and reassuring her that her pets are fine. I would take lots of photos of the pets so you can show them to her over the next year.

If you are not able to continue to care for the pets, I might seek the help of a no kill shelter to see if they can help with re-homing them/foster care, or help you with the costs for their care, at least on a temporary basis. I think I might keep the fact they may be in foster care from her if she is too weak or vulnerable to process it. I would think that believing the pets are safe and well cared for by her family would bring her much comfort in her final days.
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