my sister has had mental heath problems in the past and always blames my mother for this when all my mother has ever done is to be there for her
my sisters usual thing is to borrow money off my mother then create an argument and walk out so she doesn't have to pay it back
the last time she walked out for 15 month then returned again about 6 weeks ago
my mother is 78 years old she has cancer & 4 weeks ago had a fall breaking her hip
now my sister has applied to be full time carer so she will not have to claim benifits
I'm worried about her being there full time as she has said as recently as today that she still blames our mother for her problems
how do I stop her being a carer - please help

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Sorry I'm not very good at getting my point across my mother has nobody as POA when I said my sister has applied to be carer I mean she's applied for attendance allowance( which my mother already claims so it would be taken from her) & carers allowance this is so she won't have to sign on at dole. but my main concern is my sister being with my mother full time and having full control over her when she still blames mam (unfounded) for her own mental health problems.
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I too am confused about how and to whom your sister would "apply" to be a caregiver to avoid claiming benefits.

Any efforts to intervene would really depend on a clear answer to this question.
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I don't understand what you mean by"applied to be her carer." Who did she apply to? Does your mother want this arrangement? I don't understand who won't have to claim benefits under this arrangement. What kind of benefits?

Even with mental illness your sister may be a good companion for your mother or may be able to help her in some ways. (My mentally ill brother did housekeeping for my mother, and got paid for it. She loved having him around.) But it does not sound like a suitable arrangement for her to be in charge of your mother's care.

Has Mother designated someone to be POA of finances and health care?

With cancer and a broken hip, is your mother eligible for hospice? Have you looked into that program?

Please provide a few more details, and maybe someone will have specific steps you can take. Littletonway has made some good suggestions.
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How did sister apply to be a caregiver? Talk to your Mother's doctor about hospice and explain your sister's history to him. Has Mom finished rehab for the broken hip? If she is still in the hospital or rehab, talk to the social worker there and explain the situation to them. She may be eligible for some home health care, maybe a visiting nurse or aid on a weekly basis to keep check on her.

Best of luck to your Mother.
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