She has dementia and is nonverbal. Any suggestions to encourage her and reassure her she has not been abandoned?

My 92 (93 on Wednesday) mother lives at home with me, her daughter. She refused everything the other day. She insisted she’s going out to a restaurant with my grandparents ( both dead for many years) so she’ll eat there. I tried to go along with it...I told her they just called to postpone it ...because of ....she can’t be reasoned the next morning she asked me for a drink & then I gave her meds ...& then she ate ...if she doesn’t take the Seroquel, then she don’t cooperate with anything! Is she taking it too? Nursing can try crushed & giving it to her in ice cream ...hugs 🤗
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68! - she's young, huh.

I'm so sorry to hear of this situation. What are the facility's staff saying about it?
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I set up an Alexa show from Amazon in my mom’s assisted living room. We are able to video chat with her. It has helped tremendously.

Ask her facility if they can set one up if you order it?
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Deliver a box of See's candies. If she eats the whole thing, then so be it. A friend's dad was not eating and started eating again after his box of candy :-)
You mom will benefit from a small stuffed animal - the kind you can microwave. The warmth is very calming to the elderly. You can buy a cute little pig or doggie.
Get a good quality one. Sometimes the stuffing gets hard from the microwave and then its no good. I own an assisted living and most of the residents love them. Good luck. Its real hard to see one's mom like that.
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