Since dad lives with me can I deduct any expenses?

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Dad, receives SSI about $1400 a month and lives with me. I don't declare him as a dependent but is there any advantage for tax savings? He covers all his expenses, medical, insurance and car. I cover the house and all expenses. Its not that I need the money but if there was an advantage?

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You cannot declare any expenses related to someone UNLESS they are your dependent.
If you declare him as a dependent, it could affect his SSI and any Medicaid benefits. Consult a tax preparer familiar with your state's rules and see which benefits you and him the most.
Thanks, kind of figured as much, thought I would put it out there.
Thanks again.
Dad should be paying you some sort of rent. From what I have seen, senior, low income housing charges 30% of income as rent.
While it won’t help for 2017, Donald’s newly passed tax reforms may help you out going forward.

There's a new tax credit for non-child dependents, like elderly parents.
Taxpayers may now claim a $500 temporary credit for non-child dependents. 

This can apply to a number of people adults support, such as children over age 17, elderly parents or adult children with a disability.
Unfortunately I think I know the answer to this, but I’ll ask anyway taking advantage of your question Tgengine. I’m the caregiver of my mom but she lives overseas, so I moved overseas to care for  her full time and in order to do this I quit my job so have no income. Is there any way you guys know of through which I can receive any type of compensation or at least tax relief? The big problem here is that my mom is not an US citizen. Any ideas will be appreciated!
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Rosses, the vast majority of grown children who are caregivers for their parent(s) are not paid.... unless the parent can pay from their own savings account.

Since your Mom is not a U.S. citizen, then Medicaid is totally out of the question. You may want to check with the government where your Mom lives to see what is available for her.
Thank you freqflyer,

Unfortunately I’m aware of that but wanted to confirm, because I know that there are some situations that allow for some compensation; for example, I’ve a friend whose husband receives payment for driving her mom to and from the outside care facility where she goes daily in Virginia, so I was wondering if similar ideas could exist that I didn’t know about.

I’ve always thought that with the large population of adult children that are forced to quit their life to care for their sick or elderly parent(s) the fact that there’s no financial help for us is a significant void in the system and regulations. It feels as if we are forgetten citizens!

I understand that the system offers resources which in many cases should suffice, like Medicaid and subsidized care centers for the elderly, etc..yet that doesn’t cover all situations. We know there are many people that for a wide array of reasons have no choice but to become 24/7 caregivers. And I’m not even considering my situation as part of the void I’m referring to, because like I said my mom is not a US citizen...yet she is most definitely absolutely my dependent!

And no, here the system doesn’t work for basically anything.
TG, why doesnt your dad pay rent?

You say he covers his expenses, but he doesnt. You give him money every month. AND you house and feed him.  Doesn't Dad deserve the dignity of paying his own way?

Think about visiting an eldercare lawyer and setting something up.
$1400 a month is not SSI (Supplemental Security Income). For 2018 that max is $750. SSI is not Social Security...different funding sources.
Parents are not boarders they are family. On the other hand, if the parent has a lot of money, paying rent might mean the difference between "gift" and "expense" should the need for Medicaid arise. Lawyers and accountants should have those answers.

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