She is a war veteran And 93. Her health is in decline and so is her dementia. Can she have extra personal help during those times paid for by VA? Staff does not recognize her blindness so the treat her like someone who can see! I am worn out emotionally trying to deal with staff that does not care if she is blind! HELP

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If she is on Medicaid, then VA does not pay more than $90 a month. BUT the doctor at the nursing home can and should write an order for her to have help eating and dressing. See the director of nursing and get that done.
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My Mom was the same way with her eye sight, she had macular degeneration, thus the center of both eyes all she saw was a grey cloud, but she could see around the sides of her eyes.... it wasn't easy but she could manage. One wouldn't know by looking at her that she was legally blind.

I am really surprised, Mareva, that the Staff doesn't pay attention that your Mom has issues seeing. I would go to the head person at the nursing home and ask him/her what can you do to get help for Mom.
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Hi, I'm going to answer just to bump this up so more people get a chance to see it.
It is maddening the degree of ignorance out there concerning visual impairment, even among caregivers who should know better. Mom and I have encountered that for years, people can't seem to understand that someone can be legally blind yet still be able to see partially.
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