My husband's doctor wants him to take it, but he had bad effects from Aricept. I'm a little wary of trying another one. My 91 year old mother who has vascular dementia has been on Namenda for years and we saw absolutely no change, and who knows whether it slowed down the progression or not? We have no way to measure that for anyone. I would appreciate hearing about others experiences with Namenda.

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I'm with you on the who knows if it helps or not thing. Because we have no way of knowing how the disease would progress with or without it.

We took Mom off Namenda many years ago, in an effort to eliminate anything that might be causing her dizziness and unsteadiness. She was passing out and falling - just occasionally, but still disturbing to us. She has not passed out since, but of course, with the advent of the Parkinsonian symptoms, she is unsteady on her feet, and very occasionally will fall.

We could tell no immediate difference in her mental state. She continues to decline. I have heard that stopping that medication would cause them to go through a noticeable decline, but with Mom her changes are that way anyway. She will plateau for a while and then decline. I am not now, and never have been sorry that we discontinued Aricept or Namenda.
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