They called me and told me to send $50,000.00. if I want to talk to her. I spoke to her once when she called and she was yelling that I kicked her out after all these years. I called elder care in Colorado, I live in Winter Springs, where my mother lived three houses away from me for 25 years. My sister and brother came and visited twice in that time. I tried to hire a lawyer in colorado but he wanted a ten thousand retainer.what is worse my sister worked for a prominenet lawyer in colorado for 20 years. she retired right before my mother came so she could get my mom's pension and s.s. My question is does anybody know if writing to a congressman or senator would be helpful. My heart is broken. How satanic, I did get to talk to her once when I saw on facebook that my sister and her husband where going on vacation to a casino. I called and my mother was so sad saying she would call each week and wanted to come back. They never answer my calls, after a year I have stopped calling as it breaks my heart.

Any advise or similiar situation that had a happy ending.
Thank you,

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Sounds like blackmail to me. Think you need professional assistance!
Stay in control of your emotions. Dirty business. Good Luck.
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