My mother is dying and in assisted living, she's had to go to hospital twice in two weeks. My older brother and poa doesn't want to. What can we do?

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Levi, can you tell us what brought her to the 2 hospital visits? Who has the health care proxy? When I introduced the idea of hospice to my sibs ( I was health care proxy for my Mom) one asked me why I hadn't done it long ago!! ) She had never voiced an opinion before I brought it up!! I agree with FF --- time for a family meeting. Many folks still don't understand what hospice is and what is does.
(My Mom did pass 6 months and 5 days after we had her enrolled in hospice! )
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Time for a family meeting with a note from the doctor saying it is time for Mom to have "Hospice care". Mom will pass on the same time table whether she has Hospice or not. At least with Hospice, you would know she wouldn't be in any pain, and that Hospice is an extra set of eyes and ears toward her care.

I hope for your Mom's sake, that everyone comes to the same conclusion. If not, may those who are not in favor of Hospice could have a meeting with Hospice. Medicare pays for everything that Hospice does.

For those who don't know, Hospice can be done anywhere... at the hospital, at Assisted Living, or at home.
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