My siblings evicted me and my children out of my parents home right after my father passed away. Now what?

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My father passaway had alzheimer i lived with and took care of my father when my father passaway my siblings got an eviction for me and my children to move out of my parent home when my father was still alive my siblings forged my father signature for the title of my parent home. I appealed it for motion judge thru my case out we had to move out can I get info or help with this situation what my siblings did was wrong

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Jmballesteros, I am moving your post to the front page. Hopefully someone who has been through this or has knowledge on what to do will answer you.
I really appreciated I need help on what right they had no heart when they thrown me and my 5 children into the streets I need justice my parents were always worried about us since my children father passaway only lord knows what pain traumatized they left on my children
Get an attorney.
You only hope is to get a lawyer and bring this case to court
Are you working with a social worker concerning your own situation.? Are children at risk?
Very appreciated for all your replys and I haven't got an attorney am looking into it plus my children didn't deserve what had happened. during on this process what ever my siblings trying to have me remove from my parents home they got cps involved 4 times in one month stating I neglected my children which that false allegations I asked the worker please who doing this she said she couldn't say but she said it was a family member that reported. When I was talking to this lawyer I've told them what had happened about cps he said that by law if your siblings have your children removed from the home your not eligible to be the rightful home owner which it called survivorship which I endurance putting together why my sibling were so determined to have my self and children from my parents home... now that we're stable I have time to get this process going on get justice for what right my siblings deserve what coming to them.... in all God is good my children are doing well and there safe. We're still trying to move forward.

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